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RE: [soapbuilders] small defect in Axis1.1 mustunderstand handlin g

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  • Glen Daniels
    Thanks for the note, Steve - I d been working on a similar message, so I ll just add a few words here: MustUnderstand processing as per the SOAP 1.2 processing
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2003
      Thanks for the note, Steve - I'd been working on a similar message, so I'll just add a few words here:

      MustUnderstand processing as per the SOAP 1.2 processing model (and, by extension, the SOAP 1.1 processing model as interpreted by WS-I) specs that the server must behave *as if* MU checking was the first thing done, but does not go so far as to mandate actually implementing it this way. So there have typically been two choices in dealing with this:

      1) Do MU checks before anything else in your implementation
      2) Do MU checks whenever desired, but make sure any side effects/state changes which occur as a result of pre-MU-check processing can be cleanly rolled back

      Axis' architecture makes either of these choices possible, with a small tooling-inspired bias towards (1) in that our "automatic" checking happens (now that this problem is fixed) before your service method is called. However it does not happen, even when it's in the right place, before your transport/global/service request Handlers (for those unfamiliar with Axis, Handlers are chainable bits of custom message handling code) run.

      So the point is that although we've fixed the problem and it certainly was a bug that crept into 1.1 (sneaky little blokes), even better tests aren't going to completely solve the issue, which is also an issue with any extensible SOAP toolkit. Developers still need to be careful about fault handling, and your Handler code should be able to easily discover that a MU fault was thrown further down the line... but this is getting into axis-dev territory so I'll stop there.


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      > From: Steve Loughran [mailto:steve_l@...]
      > Sent: Friday, August 08, 2003 4:47 PM
      > To: soapbuilders@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [soapbuilders] small defect in Axis1.1
      > mustunderstand handling
      > It turns out the recently released Axis1.l product doesnt handle
      > MustUnderstand headers right. It does throw a fault on not understood
      > headers, but it does this *after* the message is actually
      > dispatched to
      > the class designated as the handler for that endpoint.
      > This means that when you get a SOAPFault MustUnderstand from
      > an Axis1.1
      > box, in all probability the method has actually been
      > executed. Axis1.0
      > correctly faulted before getting that far, as will Axis1.2.
      > Which means
      > that when you get such a fault, unless you know exactly which
      > version of
      > Axis it was running, you wont know whether the method was
      > executed or
      > not, which is a bad thing.
      > We need better tests.
      > -steve
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