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Re: [soapbuilders] Re: Array of attachments in WSDL 1.1

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    stop sending email pls i dont now you ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? iwluttdid
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 21, 2003
      stop sending email pls i dont now you ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      iwluttdid <iwluttdid@...> wrote:
      Thank you for the reply.
      Is this also true of WSDL 1.2?

      --- In soapbuilders@yahoogroups.com, Simon Fell <ws@z...> wrote:
      > On Mon, 21 Jul 2003 15:37:22 -0000, in ws you wrote:
      > >Hello,
      > >
      > >I've been looking all over, but I could not find a conclusive
      > >about whether it is possible to represent an arbitrary number of
      > >attachments in WSDL 1.1 using SOAP binding with MIME attachments.
      > >
      > >Is it accurate to conclude that this is not possible?
      > >
      > >I've seen some implementations here on this group -- is it
      > >accurate to conclude that the implementation presented here
      > >will not be compatible with most or all of the SOAP toolkits
      > >out there?
      > >
      > >Thank you.
      > There's no way to specify an array of attachments using the MIME
      > binding in WSDL 1.1, there are some posts about this in the
      > from when we did MIME & DIME interop testing.
      > Cheers
      > Simon
      > www.pocketsoap.com

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