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Re: [soapbuilders] SOAP 1.2 [was Fifth interop meeting]

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  • Bob Cunnings
    Hi, I m trying to get a handle on this implementation wise. So what would this unique URI look like? Is it possible to implement this new pattern without
    Message 1 of 32 , Jul 2, 2002

      I'm trying to get a handle on this implementation wise. So what would this
      "unique URI" look like? Is it possible to implement this new pattern without
      somehow encoding request/query parameters into the URI used for a GET, at
      least for some cases? If this is not possible, then the prerequisite must be
      the development of a scheme for doing this, which SOAP 1.2 explicitly does
      not provide. Of course there's been a lot of discussion on this subject on
      various lists, but it's been inconclusive so far. If found necessary, does
      the development of such a scheme fall within the scope of the interop
      testing effort?


      > Bob Cunnings wrote:
      > >
      > > Sounds good. Question to all: what do you think of the idea of SOAP 1.2
      > > interop testing having a place on the agenda for the October F2F ?
      > I agree. But if we do, we should also include aspects that are unique to
      > SOAP 1.2, not merely SOAP 1.1services recast to a SOAP 1.2 syntax. Mark
      > Baker [1] has indicated that he believes the "Web Method Feature" to be
      > major architectural difference between SOAP 0.9/1.0/1.1 and SOAP 1.2.
      > Daniels [2] has suggested that this be brought up on to attempt to get
      > pragmatic points of view as to how implementers hope to deal with this,
      > how they'd like it to work. Noah Mendelsohn independently made the same
      > suggestion to me via phone this morning.
      > A prime focus is on the new SOAP Response Message Exchange Pattern [3].
      > This message exchange can be simply described as HTTP GET as input and a
      > SOAP envelope as a response. In order to capture the spirit of this
      > requirement, the test should involve the creation of a new resource
      > (presumably via a conventional SOAP request/response), and then accessing
      > this new resource via HTTP GET against its unique URI.
      > Thoughts?
      > - Sam Ruby
      > [1] http://markbaker.blogspot.com/2002_06_01_markbaker_archive.
      > html#78400236
      > [2] http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=axis-dev&m=102549541830057&w=2
      > [3] http://www.w3.org/TR/soap12-part2/#soapresmep
    • Rich Salz
      My schema had a typo:
      Message 32 of 32 , Jul 12, 2002
        My schema had a typo:

        <complexType name="ArrayofPOReferencesType">
        <element name="Invoice" type="tns:InvoiceType"
        Should be PoReferenceType
        minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>

        Also, we shold probably add an "Email" link to SimpleAddressType:

        <complexType name="SimpleAddressType">
        <element name="Name" type="string"/>
        <element name="Street" type="string"/>
        <!-- Locality is all other addressing info. -->
        <element name="Locality" type="string"/>
        <element name="EMail" type="anyURI"/>

        Any comments? Judging by lack of reaction so far, perhaps folks aren't
        interested in testing HTTP GET and SOAP? :)
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