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RE: [soapbuilders] Glue endpoint down?

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  • Sam Ruby
    ... the ... Weird. I can browse the WSDL. I don t know if this helps, but a wget http://www.themindelectric.net:8005/glue/round2 results in 20 occurences
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 11, 2002
      Wes Moulder wrote:
      > I've been invoking against it for the past hour or so.  Can you browse to
      > WSDL file (http://www.themindelectric.net:8005/glue/round2.wsdl)?

      Weird. I can browse the WSDL. I don't know if this helps, but a "wget
      http://www.themindelectric.net:8005/glue/round2" results in 20 occurences

      Connecting to www.themindelectric.net:8005... connected!
      HTTP request sent, awaiting response...
      End of file while parsing headers.

      At the moment, neither Apache SOAP nor Apache Axis is happy with Glue.

      - Sam Ruby
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