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Announce: Weblogs.Com SOAP 1.1 Interface

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  • Dave Winer
    Good morning! I d like to open a connection between two worlds I m part of -- the SOAP 1.1 developer community and people who run weblog sites. Presumably
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2001
      Good morning!

      I'd like to open a connection between two worlds I'm part of -- the SOAP 1.1
      developer community and people who run "weblog" sites. Presumably everyone
      here knows what SOAP is, but what are weblogs?

      I think of them as news-oriented websites, used by professional and amateur
      journalists, and by people in workgroups in corporations, academic
      institutions and government.

      A professor keeps a weblog on the progress of a class. A workgroup in a
      corporate environment tracks the competition and watches related technology.
      Where people used to pass around links via email, they get systematic about
      it by putting the links on an Intranet, so they can be archived, edited and
      indexed by search engines.

      I've been running the Scripting News weblog since April 1997.

      There's all kinds of growth in the weblog world, a couple of years ago there
      were just a hundred weblogs, now there are many thousands and the curve is
      pretty steep.

      ***What is Weblogs.Com?

      In late 1999 we deployed a web app called Weblogs.Com. Each hour it reads
      all the registered sites, detect changes, and maintains an XML back-end and
      an HTML user interface, customizable for each user. We did all the bells and
      whistles. Some of the ideas gained traction, others didn't.

      As the weblog world grew, our app hit a scaling wall, and now we're
      re-wiring the system, using SOAP 1.1 and XML-RPC to create a leaner
      centralized service and bootstrapping its replacement.

      Over the weekend we released the spec for the XML-RPC interface.

      ***SOAP 1.1 interface

      OK, here's the punchline for SOAP people.


      It's really easy to program. If you have a SOAP-capable interface for a CMS
      or a blogging tool, you can wire into the network in just a few lines of
      script code.

      Here's a real-world web service, we already have lots of content flowing
      through this network, and it's a problem that SOAP solves neatly.

      Dave Winer, UserLand

      PS: No patents.
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