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RE: [soapbuilders] ANN: SOAP::Lite v0.51 released

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  • graham glass
    hi paul, congratulations on your new release. it looks like it has lots of cool new stuff! cheers, graham ... From: Paul Kulchenko
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 18, 2001
      hi paul,

      congratulations on your new release.
      it looks like it has lots of cool new stuff!


      -----Original Message-----
      From: Paul Kulchenko [mailto:paulclinger@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2001 5:34 PM
      To: soaplite@yahoogroups.com; soapbuilders@yahoogroups.com;
      Subject: [soapbuilders] ANN: SOAP::Lite v0.51 released

      New version of SOAP::Lite released today (see Changes file for more

      ! fixed memory leak in SOAP::Parser (thanks to Ryan Adams and Michael
      ! fixed skipping undef elements in arrays under Perl 5.005 (thanks to
      Arne Georg Gleditsch)
      ! fixed POP3 server (thanks to Kevin Hutchinson)
      ! number of fixes in XMLRPC::Lite
      fixed <string> requirement (thanks to Matthew Krenzer and Dana
      fixed empty slot skipping (thanks to Jon Udell)
      fixed serialization of "0"/""/undef values (thanks to Michael E.
      fixed autodispatch (thanks to Craig Kelley)
      + added support for SOAP 1.2 (spec is still in draft, implementation
      is subject to change)
      + added extended array support (only in deserializer)
      + modified XML::Parser::Lite to work on Perl 5.005 (thanks to John
      + modified deserializer to work with different schemas (1999/2001)
      + added JABBER transport
      + added MQ transport
      + added mod_xmlrpc transport (Apache::XMLRPC::Lite)
      + added TCP over SSL transport
      + added non-blocking TCP multiserver
      + included FastCGI transport (thanks to Marko Asplund
      + added support for import directive in WSDL
      + added support for short (tModel) WSDL service descriptions
      + added support for multiple services/ports and allowed non-SOAP
      bindings in WSDL
      + added full search example UDDI->WSDL->SOAP (fullsearch.pl)
      + added charset in response message for HTTP transport
      + modified dispatch for XMLRPC server to work exactly as for SOAP
      + added example with Inline::C module (inline.daemon).
      Dispatch to C, C++, assembler, Java, Python and Tcl :).
      + all transport are available for both SOAP::Lite and XMLRPC::Lite:
      HTTP (daemon, CGI, mod_perl), SMTP/POP3, TCP, IO, JABBER, MQ
      + tested on Perl 5.00503, 5.6.0, 5.6.1, 5.7.1 and 5.7.2
      + updated documentation and added new examples

      Module is available from http://www.soaplite.com/,
      and will be available from CPAN soon

      Comments are more than welcome. I won't be able to react quick during
      the next week (will be busy with Open Source Conference in SanDiego),
      but I'll try to read mail and reply on most urgent. Thank you.

      Best wishes, Paul.

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