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RE: [soapbuilders] WSDL and method names

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  • Tony Hong
    Hi Jacek, Thanks for the example! A couple of questions: 1. In your soap:body element, you don t have use= encoded or encoding style attribute. Are these
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 1, 2001
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      Hi Jacek, Thanks for the example!
      A couple of questions:
      1.  In your soap:body element, you don't have use="encoded" or encoding style attribute. Are these implied or defaulted?
      2.  The way you encoded your array "ArrayofInt" touches on a thread that Simon posted in the forum here: http://www.xmethods.net/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000004.html
      The basic question is: can you use <all> for an array, rather than <sequence> ? the elements in <all> have a maxoccurs=1, thus it may be inappropriate for an array. or is there a misinterpreation somewhere?.
      It would be great to see the envelopes - I'm curious as to how your Simple types are rendered on the wire .
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      > > On a slightly different note, while i was working on the WSDL
      > > generator for 4s4c, i tried various WSDL toolkits, and in
      > > particular i
      > > tried doing some array / complex type inter-op, and i couldn't get
      > > of them to work cross-tool for arrays or complex types.
      > Right, there (at least in SOAP::Lite) is no support for arrays and
      > complex types. I don't want to implements it before I'll have clear
      > understanding how to map it to user input.

      When we were implementing our WSDL parser for our stub-generating
      tools, we decided to go with some subset of XML Scheme that seemed to
      describe the complex types the best.

      > > I'd like to propose that we workup some well documented examples of
      > > what WSDL should look like, and try and resolve some of the
      > > outstanding issues that Tony Hong has already raised (which part of
      > > WSDL controls the method names / responses, one way vs empty
      > > response etc )
      > It would be great! Who will take the lead? Author? :))

      Attached is our demo WSDL description where we use both structures
      and arrays. Comments welcome. 8-)

      This WSDL description is parsable with version 1.0 of IdooXoap and
      describes a (very demo-ish) service at our server soap.idoox.net. I
      can post example requests sent by stubs generated from this WSDL so
      that you know how we interpret the WSDL description.

      I already know about one thing that we fixed after 1.0 that is
      probably a problem with our understanding of WSDL, it's the body
      element's namespace that isn't being put there in 1.0.

      I think this might be a good starting point for creating that
      well-documented example WSDL.

      Enjoy! 8-)

                                  Jacek Kopecky

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