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Fw: Apache/MS Interop Meeting

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  • Sanjiva Weerawarana
    FYI. ... From: Doug Davis To: ; ; Sent: Monday, March 19, 2001
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      From: "Doug Davis" <dug@...>
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      Sent: Monday, March 19, 2001 8:52 PM
      Subject: Apache/MS Interop Meeting

      > soap/axis folks,
      > Here's a summary of the Apache/MS Interop meeting from last
      > week. Please take note of the "consortium" for those of you
      > who'd like to be involved.
      > -Dug
      > ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
      > Summary of Apache/Microsoft Interoperability Meeting
      > March 12-14, 2001
      > >From Apache: Glen Daniels, Jim Stearns, Doug Davis
      > >From MS: (main contacts) Keith Ballinger, Andrew Layman, Eric Andrae
      > Most of the 3 days were spent testing Apache SOAP v2.1 and Axis against
      > the 5 different versions of SOAP MS has (one being an IE client).
      > Since Axis doesn't have serialization support yet (just Strings) it
      > was limited in what it could do, but for those simple tests that
      > did NOOPs or tested Strings it did ok as a client and a server (just
      > a few minor tweaks were needed).
      > Apache SOAP v2.1 did much better. There were a few bugs (and holes)
      > that were discovered but Glen was able to track them down and, I think,
      > fix all of them. He's in the process of trying to see if the
      > fixes can be integrated back into the cvs tree, but is unsure about
      > one of the fix's impact on the MIME support - but we'll see.
      > MS has 5 different versions of SOAP and they've been doing some of
      > their own interoperability testing internally so I think they were
      > able to flush out most(all) of their differences before we got there.
      > However, we did manage to find a bug (or two?) in their code 8-)
      > but overall they had things pretty well covered.
      > For better or worse, MS is very WSDL dependent. If the industry is
      > headed down the path of basically requiring WSDL then Apache might
      > need to do so as well.
      > We had two strategy meetings in which we discussed how to improve
      > interoperability testing/conformance in the future, not just between
      > Apache and MS but everyone. We decided to set-up a consortium in
      > which different SOAP implementations can join and test their version
      > of SOAP against the others in the group. The main purpose of the
      > group would be to focus attention on interoperability issues and not
      > necessarily prove conformance to the SOAP spec. While we will have
      > testcases that we "believe" test some aspects of conformance we can
      > not be the defining authority on who is, or is not, spec compliant.
      > All we can do is pretty much help people say that their SOAP code
      > can, or can not, play nicely with others in the group. That being
      > said, there are some definite MUSTs and MUST NOTs in the spec and
      > we will have some tests that test those so we'll be walking a fine
      > line.
      > We will also group tests based on sections of the SOAP spec. Not
      > everyone will want to implement all sections of the spec but will
      > still want to test conformance based on what they have implemented.
      > To help this "consortium" we're going to set-up a web site
      > (Jim has already reserved wsinterop.org and soapinterop.org) where
      > people can post their testcases and test results. We also talked about
      > having pointers to "live" servers that people can hit to test their
      > SOAP implementations. It wasn't decided how Apache will work this.
      > ****TODO*****
      > We need to get someone to volunteer to set this up/host it.
      > Along the lines of getting interoperability, we discussed showcasing
      > how nicely we're all playing together. 8-) In particular we
      > discussed having a live demo at a conference (maybe NetWorld Interop
      > in May) where people can hook up their machines in our network of
      > computers and join in "the game". "The game" will consist of a fairly
      > simple maze type of game - each server will own a certain number of
      > rooms and clients will be able to walk from room to room examining,
      > and placing, objects in each one. We'll define a set of base SOAP
      > interfaces that people will need to implement and if they do then
      > they should be able hook-in their server and extend the maze.
      > Glen is working on the write-up of the overall idea and will
      > distribute it once it's done. In order to help things along we
      > agreed to try to have another F2F around the end of April where we
      > will all get together in a room to hash-out the details of the
      > game/interfaces and to actually code it up. I (Dug) have agreed to
      > see if IBM will host it in Raleigh. Glen is going to see if
      > Allaire (aka Macromedia) will be willing to work on the GUI that
      > the main-server will use to display the status of the game.
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