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Re: Interop between MS .NET and Apache SOAP 2.1

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  • keithba@microsoft.com
    Could you send me your code? .NET should be able to send complex datatypes when doing rpc endcoded. ... deployed ... turning this ... be able ... Microsoft ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2001
      Could you send me your code? .NET should be able to send complex
      datatypes when doing rpc endcoded.

      --- In soapbuilders@y..., kim.schjefstad@a... wrote:
      > I wonder if anybody else has had this problem with encodingStyle:
      > I have generated an WSDL file for an Apache 2.1 SOAP RPC service
      > to handle calls without the XSI:type attribute. This is tested
      turning this
      > attribute off in Apache SOAP and it works just fine. Now I want to
      be able
      > to use the WSDL file to automatically generate a proxy object in
      > (MS) .NET (Interim Beta 2).
      > My problem is that I use complex datatypes. The MS .NET will not
      generate a
      > proxy with complex types when I use an encoded message and RPC
      style. So I
      > try the option to use literal and document style and then a proxy is
      > generated with the complex types. But by using the document/literal
      > the encodingStyle attribute is missing from the SOAP message and my
      > connot find the correct deserializer.
      > Some options I connot figure out are:
      > 1. Is it possible the deploy a service in Apache SOAP 2.1 that can
      > deserialize without the encodingStyle attribute by adding entries
      to the
      > SOAPMappingRegistry? Where is the best place to do this?
      > 2. How come the MS .NET will not generate proxy objects for RPC
      > messages with complex types. Am I missing something here?
      > 3. Any other suggestions?
      > Kind regards,
      > Kim Schjefstad
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