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Call for Papers: DMSSP at KDD 06

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  • lacscully
    KDD-2006 Workshop on Data Mining Standards, Services and Platforms (DM-SSP 06) August 20, 2006 A Workshop at KDD-2006 The Twelfth ACM SIGKDD International
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2006
      KDD-2006 Workshop on
      Data Mining Standards, Services and Platforms (DM-SSP 06)
      August 20, 2006

      A Workshop at KDD-2006
      The Twelfth ACM SIGKDD International Conference on
      Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
      August 20-23, 2006
      Philadelphia, PA


      Web Site: http://www.ncdm.uic.edu/dm-ssp-06.htm
      Workshop Submission Deadline: June 18, 2006


      June 18, 2006 Deadline for electronic submission papers or
      July 10, 2006 Notification of accepted presentations
      July 20, 2006 Camera Ready Copies Due
      August 20, 2006 DM-SSP Workshop

      SUBMIT PAPERS TO: connelly@... with the subject line "DM-SSP 06
      Workshop submission".



      DM-SSP '06 is the sixth KDD workshop focusing on standards, services,
      and platforms for data mining. Motivating this workshop are a number
      of trends, including:

      1. A number of standards have matured, including PMML, SQL-based
      standards for Data Mining, JDM, CRISP, and OMG CWM for Data
      Mining. It is timely to expose these standards to the
      community and to gather requirements through position papers
      and panels for new versions of these standards.

      2. Web services, as well as maturing and emerging data mining
      standards, will enable standards-based data mining services
      for scoring, modeling, and exploration of data. This workshop
      will also include this timely topic.

      3. Work in related fields, including data grids, data webs, and
      semantic webs is very relevant to data mining but often not
      included in KDD per se. This workshop will also provide an
      opportunity for work on data mining standards and services in
      these areas to be included.

      If you are using standards and services to build production data
      mining and scoring systems, we encourage you to submit a paper or
      abstract to DM-SSP 06. To encourage presentations from industry, we
      will accept abstracts for presentations, as well as papers, for


      The workshop will consist of both invited and contributed talks. Some
      of the invited talks will provide an update on PMML and emerging web
      service standards for data mining.

      All papers should be submitted by email in pdf format to
      connelly@... with the subject line "DM-SSP 06 Workshop submission"
      by June 18, 2006. Please use the prescribed formatting guidelines of
      KDD (Springer LNCS). The workshop proceedings will be published by
      the ACM and distributed during the workshop. They will also be
      available on the workshop's home page. The full version of the
      accepted papers will be considered for publication in an edited
      proceedings after a second round of reviews, pending approval.

      Papers should be no longer than 12 pages (or 5,000 words) inclusive of
      all references and figures. All papers must be submitted in either PDF
      (preferred) or postscript. Please ensure that any special fonts used
      are included in the submitted documents. All papers must be original,
      and have not been published elsewhere.

      For questions, please email connelly@... with the subject line
      "DM-SSP 06 Workshop question".


      Topics appropriate for the workshop include the following topics and
      closely related topics.

      Standards Based Data Mining Services:

      * Scoring services
      * Analysis services
      * Data exploration services
      * Statistical modeling services

      Maturing Standards:

      * Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML)
      * XML for Analysis
      * SQL-based standards for data mining
      * Java Data Mining (JDM) - Java Specification Request 73 (JSR-73)
      * CRoss Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM)
      * OMG Common Warehouse Metadata (CWM) for Data Mining

      Related Standards:

      * Web services (SOAP/XML, WSRF, etc)
      * Grid services (OGSA, etc.)
      * Semantic Web Standards (RDF, OWL, etc.)

      Emerging Standards:

      * Standards for KDD workflow
      * Standards for data transformations
      * Standards for real time data mining
      * Standards for data webs

      Open Source Data Mining Platforms:

      * R
      * Weka
      * GNU Octave


      Dave Selinger, FortisForge.com
      Robert Grossman, Open Data Group and University of Illinois at Chicago
      Rick Pechter, MicroStrategy
      Stefan Raspl, IBM
      Shirley Connelly, University of Illinois at Chicago
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