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Re: [soapbuilders] how to read the output of the completed transactions in webservice using MSSOAP

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  • Isuru Nishan
    Hi Ashok, You have not set the HttpConnector properties. Set Connector = New HttpConnector Connector.Property( EndPointURL ) = END_POINT_URL Connector.Connect
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 21, 2005
      Hi Ashok,
         You have not set the HttpConnector properties.
          Set Connector = New HttpConnector
          Connector.Property("EndPointURL") = END_POINT_URL
          Connector.Property("SoapAction") = "uri:" & Method

      skashok20 <cking2005@...> wrote:
      hi! i have the following code which calls the service
      called "EchoString" with one parameter "BOB".It is working fine.

      What's my requirement is : I am runnig one webservice thro Tomcat
      server.It is giving some output.Now I want to catch that output and
      want to display it to the user from the output stream.

      I tried with the SOAP Reader concept.But it is not working.

      Can anybody help me ?

      My Code :
      Dim soapClient3 As New MSSOAPLib30.SoapClient30
      msgbox soapClient3.EchoString("BOB")

      Soap reader coding :
      1.Dim Reader As SoapReader
      2.Dim Connector As SoapConnector
      3.Set Connector = New HttpConnector
      4.Set Reader = CreateObject("MSSOAP.SoapReader")
      5.Reader.Load Connector.OutputStream
      6.If Not Reader.Fault Is Nothing Then
      7.     MsgBox Reader.FaultString.Text, vbExclamation
      9.     MsgBox Reader.RpcResult.Text
      10.End If

      It gives the error as "Object not set" in line nunber 9.What is the
      actually happening here.

      Thank u,

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