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ANN: Call for Participation: ICSOC '04

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  • Sanjiva Weerawarana
    [Apologies if you receive multiple copies] ICSOC 04 2nd International Conference on Service Oriented Computing New York City, NY, USA November 15-18, 2004
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2004
      [Apologies if you receive multiple copies]

      ICSOC '04

      2nd International Conference on Service Oriented Computing
      New York City, NY, USA
      November 15-18, 2004


      Co-sponsored by ACM SIGWEB and ACM SIGSOFT

      C A L L F O R P A R T I C I P A T I O N

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      Only two weeks left for registering to ICSOC'04
      with the early registration discount!
      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      You are cordially invited to attend the 2nd International Conference
      on Service Oriented Computing to be held in New York City from November
      15th to the 18th, 2004.

      The International Conference on Service Oriented Computing is the
      flagship international conference on Service Oriented Computing and Web
      Services, with a paper acceptance ratio of around 20%.

      This year's conference features a power-packed program consisting of
      three keynotes, two dynamic panels and four topical tutorials in addition
      to the superb technical program of 33 regular papers and 18 short papers.

      Keynote Speakers
      Don Ferguson, IBM Fellow and Chief Architect, IBM Sofware Group
      Adam Bosworth, Vice President of Engineering, Google
      Tim Berners-Lee, Director, W3C

      Grid Systems: What is needed from web service standards?
      Moderator: Geoffrey Fox, Indiana University
      Industrial Service Oriented Architectures
      Moderator: Stephen Vinoski, IONA

      Security in Web Services
      Anne Thomas Manes, Vice President and Research Director,
      Application Platform Strategies, Burton Group
      Service-Oriented Design in Practice: The Business of Large-Scale
      Enterprise System Development
      Mark M. Davydov, Vice President, Senior Technology
      Delivery Architect - E-Commerce, Bank of America
      Service Composition: Technologies, Methods and Tools for Synthesis
      and Orchestration of Composite Services and Processes
      Massimo Mecella and Giuseppe De Giacomo, Universit Roma,
      La Sapienza, Italy
      The Globus Toolkit Ecosystem (and how to make it work for you)
      Matei Ripeanu, The University of Chicago

      Registration is now open! Please visit:

      Looking forward to meet you in NYC,
      ICSOC '04 Organizing Committee.


      List of accepted Research and Industry papers

      ===Service Design and Modelling I

      "Methodological Support for Service-oriented Design"
      D. Quartel, R. Dijkman , M. van Sinderen; University of Twente

      "A service re-design methodology for multi-channel adaptation"
      M. Comerio, F. De Paoli, S. Grega, C. Batini, C. Di Francesco, A.
      Di Pasquale; Universita di Milano Bicocca

      "Service-based Processes - Design for Business and Technology"
      M. Henkel, J. Zdravkovic; P. Johannesson; Stockholm University

      ===Service Composition

      "Hybrid Web Service Composition: Business processes meet Business Rules"
      A. Charfi, M.Mezini; Darmstadt University of Technology

      "Dynamic Service Composition using Semantic Information"
      K. Fujii, T. Suda; University of California

      "Flexible Coordination of Service Interaction Patterns"
      C. Zirpins, W. Lamersdorf, T. Baier; University of Hamburg

      ===Service Architectures

      "Connecting Client Objectives with Resource Capabilities"
      A. Dan, C. Dumitrescu, M. Ripeanu; IBM TJ Watson & University of Chicago

      "Cremona: An Architecture and Library for Creation and Monitoring of
      H. Ludwig, A. Dan, R. Kearney; IBM TJ Watson

      "Hot Service Deployment in an Ad Hoc Grid Environment"
      T. Friese, M. Smith, B. Freisleben; University of Marburg

      ===Service Reasoning & Monitoring

      "A Framework for Requirements Monitoring of Service Based Systems"
      K. Mahbub, G. Spanoudakis; City University London

      "Monitoring Assertions with Business Processes and Monitoring their
      A. Lazovic, M. Aiello, M. Papazoglou; Universita di Trento & Tilburg

      "Synthesis of Underspecified Composite e-Services based on Automated
      D. Berardi, G. De Giacomo, M. Lenzerini, M. Mecella, D. Calvanese;
      Universita di Roma, La Sapienza

      ===Service Security

      "Sound Development of Secure Service-based Systems"
      M. Deubler, J. Gruenbauer, J. Juerjens, G. Wimmel; Technische Universitat

      "Specification and Querying of Security Constraints in the EFSOC
      K. Leune, M. Papazoglou, W.J. van den Heuvel; University of Tilburg

      "A Concrete Solution for Web Services Adaptability Using Policies and
      F. Baligand, V. Monfort; Ecole des Mines de Nantes & Universite Paris 1

      ===Service Discovery

      "Exact Functional Context Matching for Web Services"
      I. Elgedawy, Z. Tari, M. Winikoff; RMIT University

      "Discovering and Ranking Web Services with BASIL: A Personalized Approach
      with Biased Focus"
      J. Caverlee, L. Liu, D. Rocco; Georgia Institute of Technology

      "Behavioral Models as Service Descriptions"
      R. J. Hall, A. Zisman; AT&T Labs Research & City University London

      ===Service Delivery

      "SLA Based Profit Optimization in Autonomic Computing Systems"
      L. Zhang, D. Ardagna; IBM T.J. Watson & Politecnico di Milano

      "Assured Service Quality by Improved Fault Management"
      A. Hanemann, M. Sailer, D. Schmitz; Munich Network Management Team

      "Smart Monitors for Composed Services"
      L. Baresi, C. Ghezzi, S. Guinea; Politecnico di Milano

      ===QoS models

      "Service Portfolio Measurement"
      J. vom Brocke, M. A. Lindner; European Research Center for Information
      Systems, Munster

      "Toward Autonomic Web Services Trust and Selection"
      E. M. Maximilien, M.P. Singh; IBM & North Carolina State University

      "Knowledge-driven Interactions With Services Across Ad Hoc Networks"
      R. Sen, R. Handorean, G. C. Roman, G. Hackmann; Washington University
      in St. Louis

      ===Theoretical Frameworks

      "A Model for Abstract Process Specification, Verification and Composition"
      Z. Duan, A. Bernstein, P. Lewis, S. Lu; SUNY, Stony Brook & Wayne State

      "Web Services: a Process Algebra approach"
      A. Ferrara; Universita di Roma "La Sapienza"

      "Automated Composition of E-services: Lookaheads"
      C. Evren Gerede, R. Hull, O. H. Ibarra, J. Su; University of California,
      Santa Barbara, & Bell Laboratories/Lucent Technologies,

      ===Service Applications

      "A Service-Oriented Architecture for Digital Libraries"
      Y. Petinot, C. Lee Giles, V. Bhatnagar, P.B. Teregowda, H. Han, I.
      Councill; The Pennsylvania State University

      "Implementing Integrated Services of Networked Home Appliances Using
      Service Oriented Architecture"
      M. Nakamura, H. Igaki, H. Tamada, K. Matsumoto; Nara Institute of Science
      and Technology

      "An OGSA-Based Accounting System for Allocation Enforcement across HPC
      T. Sandholm, P. Gardfj, E. Elmroth, L. Johnsson, O. Mulmo; Royal Institute
      of Technology Stockholm & University of Houston

      ===Service Design & Modelling II

      "Pitfalls of OWL-S -- A practical Semantic Web Use Case"
      S. Balzer, T. Liebig, M. Wagner; University of Ulm

      "Design Method for Interoperable Web Services"
      G. Feuerlicht, S. Meesathit; University of Technology, Sydney

      "Eliciting Service Composition in a Goal Driven Manner"
      R. S. Kaabi, C. Souveyet, C. Rolland; Universite Paris 1 Sorbonne

      ===Industrial papers

      "Probabilistic, Context-Sensitive, and Goal-Oriented Service Selection",
      F. Casati, M. Castellanos, U. Dayal, M.C. Shan; Hewlett-Packard

      "A General Framework For Migrating Enterprise Applications to SOA"
      B. Liu, Y.F. Wang, B. Zhou; National University of Defense Technology,

      "Server-side Encoding, Protocol and Transport Extensibility for Remoting
      H. Carr; Sun Microsystems, Inc.

      "Supporting Policy-driven behaviors in Web services: Experiences and
      N. Mukhi, P. Plebani, I. Silva-Lepe, T. Mikalsen; IBM T J Watson

      List of accepted Short papers

      "Automatic Configuration of Services for Security, Bandwidth, Throughput,
      and Availability"
      Garret Swart, Benjamin Aziz, Simon Foley, John Herbert; University College

      "Portlet usability model"
      Oscar Diaz, Coral Calero, Mario Piattini, Arantza Irastorza; University of
      the Basque Country & University of Castilla-La Mancha

      "WS-QoC: Measuring Quality of Service Compliance"
      Ali Shaikh Ali, Omer Rana, David Walker; Cardiff University

      "Distribution Concerns in Service-Oriented Modelling"
      Nasreddine Aoumeur, Jose Fiadeiro, Cristovao Oliveira; University of

      "A Lightweight Approach for QoS--Aware Service Composition"
      Gerardo Canfora, Massimiliano Di Penta, Raffaele Esposito, Maria Luisa
      Villani; University of Sannio

      "A Framework for QoS-Aware Service Composition"
      Arnor Solberg, Sten Amundsen, Jan yvind Aagedal, Frank Eliassen; SINTEF &
      Simula Research Labratory, Norway

      "Supporting the Negotiation between Global and Local Business Requirements
      in Service Oriented Development"
      Paolo Traverso, Marco Pistore, Marco Roveri, Annapaola Marconi, Raman
      Kazhamiakin, Pierluigi Lucchese, Paolo Busetta, Piergiorgio Bertoli;
      ITC-irst & University of Trento

      "Interface inheritance for object-oriented composition based on model
      driven configuration"
      Vincenzo D'Andrea, Ioannis Fikouras, Marco Aiello; University of Trento &
      University of Bremen

      "Privacy-based Ranking of Web Services"
      Abdelmounaam Rezgui, Athman Bouguettaya; Virginia Tech

      "Provisioning of Complex Adaptive Services"
      Luciano Baresi, Devis Bianchini, Valeria De Antonellis, Florian Daniel,
      Enrico Mussi, Andrea Maurino, Stefano Modafferi, Barbara Pernici;
      Politecnico di Milano & University of Brescia

      "Web Services Orchestration and Interaction Patterns: an Aspect-Oriented
      Guadalupe Ortiz, Juan Hernandez, Pedro J. Clemente; University of

      "A Semantic Protocol-Based Approach for Developing Business Processes"
      Amit Chopra, Nirmit Desai, Ashok Mallya, Leena Wagle, Munindar Singh;
      North Carolina State University

      "A Service Oriented Architecture for Advertising Games"
      Paolo Avesani, Marco Cova, Roberto Tiella, Arun Sharma; ITC-irst & Birla
      Institute of Technology

      "Flexible Matchmaking of Web Services Using DAML-S Ontologies"
      Antonio Brogi, Sara Corfini, Razvan Popescu; University of Pisa

      "Distributed and Heterogeneous eHome Systems in Volatile Environments"
      Michael Kirchhof; Aachen University of Technology

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