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9785VB6 Client to VB.NET WebService

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  • Steve Loughran
    Feb 27, 2004
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      > Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 17:32:09 -0000
      > From: "Matt Janofsky" <mxjanofsky@...>
      > Subject: VB6 Client to VB.NET WebService
      > I've created a .NET webservice that I'd like to access from VB6
      > clients. I've implemented a solution using Microsoft's SOAP
      > Toolkit. Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to redistribute
      > the SOAP toolkit. I'd like to write my own SOAP interface in VB6.
      > Does anyone know of any VB6 source code that can do the job? Or does
      > anyone have any suggestions? I've looked at PocketSOAP but I think
      > I'd rather do something myself. I'm trying to simply the
      > redistribution process.

      So lets see if I am getting this right.

      You want to simplify your distribution process, so you want to write a
      complete SOAP client that you can include with your VB6 app. Presumably,
      in VB itself?

      I would strongly encourage you not to do this. This is not a good enough
      reason to undertake the effort required to produce a functional SOAP
      implementation, where functionality includes areas such as interop,
      section 5 encoding, correct mustUnderstand behaviour on headers, failure
      modes, etc, etc. Even the mainstream SOAP implementations have *issues*
      which are so fundamental they are terrifying. For example, the Apache
      Axis self tests dont work on my machine when its clock is set to GMT
      -times sent to itself come up an hour out. Yet they work in the US. If
      that is the kind of intraop problem production code is having, home
      rolled stuff will be worse.

      If MSSTK is no good, spend more time with PocketSoap, or some money on
      an installer. You can get an installer add on for the version of visual
      studio that comes w/ VB6 from somewhere on MSDN, I think, that can
      incorporate .MSI files from third parties for better installation.


      ps, I wont even ask why VB6. I assume it is some legacy application
      issue and that you have not been overcome with the urge to use VB6 as
      the basis for new apps...
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