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9684Re: Help required on Digest Authentication !!

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  • jimmyyw
    Jan 2, 2004

      I assume you meant
      Connector.ConnectorProperty("WinHTTPAuthScheme") = 8
      and NOT (as you have below)
      Connector.Property("WinHTTPAuthScheme") = 8

      I believe STK3.0 defaults to using NTLM or Negotiate auth type.

      Also, I assume you have configured the IIS web site to allow for
      Digest auth and with the proper realm information.


      --- In soapbuilders@yahoogroups.com, "Anshuk Jain" <anshuk@g...>
      > Hi,
      > Web Server: IIS 6.0
      > OS: Windows Server 2003
      > Client: VB 6.0 with SOAP tool kit
      > We need to setup "Digest Authentication" for a Web Service which is
      > hosted on a IIS Web Server. A VB 6.0 client connects to the Web
      > Service using SOAP tool kit.
      > We have enabled the Digest Authentication in the Web Server.
      > According to the SOAP tool kit user help, the following is
      > for Digest Authentication.
      > Connector.Property("WinHTTPAuthScheme") = 8
      > With the above code when the client tries to connect to the web
      > service, it is giving the following error message. " "No matching
      > authorization scheme enable on connector". But, with the same
      > authentication in the web server if we connect to the web service
      > from IE client, it is working fine.
      > At the same time when we change the Authentication mode to "Basic"
      > the web server and change the VB 6.0 code as below then it is
      > fine.
      > Connector.Property("WinHTTPAuthScheme") = 1
      > We want to know how this could be resolved so that the VB 6.0
      > could connect to the web service with "Digest" authentication.
      > Any pointers on this will be appreciated.
      > Regards,
      > Anshuk Jain
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