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  • Christopher Parker
    Dec 4, 2003
      ...up, everyone?

      I've been looking through the message archives here, and have noticed
      that about half of the questions/messages posted on this list never
      get answered (at least to the rest of the list, anyway).

      Is there something I don't know about? Is someone not liking the
      types of questions being asked, even if they are general questions
      (such as the ones I asked, which seem to be rather similar to the
      ones others have asked without published answers)?

      I know the title of the group says "SOAP Builders", but does that
      mean newcomers to the SOAP community aren't welcome? Where's an
      aspiring SOAP developer to go to get answers to some of their most
      basic questions if they can't go to an already experienced SOAP
      developer (or community of expeirenced SOAP developers, for that

      Would someone like to let me in on the secret? What does one have to
      do to be "one of the crowd" on this list, and get some questions

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