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9624Re: [soapbuilders] Re: Super-Encryption AND Digital Signatures

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  • Rich Salz
    Dec 3, 2003
      > Isn't the security equally as strong as sending CC info over SSL, or not?

      Yes; the weaknesses are pretty much the same: with a symmetric key
      either side can forge content.

      But for Ccards over the web, the out-of-band framework makes it
      reasonable to do accept this risk. Neither the merchant nor the payment
      house want to expose the information they receive, nor do any other kind
      of "defraud the sender" thing because there are financial and legal
      incentives to not do that. SSL gives hop-by-hop privacy, with some
      information about the entity at the other end. It does *not* give
      signature-style content integrity, and it's not a end-to-end
      authenticated signed content. It's transport-level security (that's why
      the IETF renamed it to TLS). For retail CCard transactions over the Web,
      TLS is okay. For many other things -- where there are outside
      agreements, risk management, or other factors influencing things -- it
      is not okay.

      For example, a doctor should not be able to use either SSL or your
      technique to do online perscriptions. A corrupt pharmacist (perhaps
      he's a friend of Rush Limbaugh :), could turn the scrip from 100 pills
      of Vicodin to 500 pills of vicodin, and *the doctor can't prove
      otherwise.* That's why I said what you want to do might be okay for
      your application, but not for general purpose.


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