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9620Re: [soapbuilders] Re: Super-Encryption AND Digital Signatures

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  • Rich Salz
    Dec 3, 2003
      In talking it over with a colleague here, we did find one weakness in
      your scheme. Once the recipient has unwrapped the outer part, and then
      unwrapped the internal key, they can forge any message and make it
      appear as if it came from the sender. I don't know if you're worried
      about that or not. "But you promised me $10,000. not $1,000. See, I have
      your original message."

      One way to fix this might be to include a signed hash of the original

      You should look at PKCS#7 (sorry I wasn't clear, when I said what's
      wrong with a standard I meant any standard, not just XML DSIG).

      As for your intermediary approach.. you know about Kerberos, right?
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