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9371Re: Username,passwd encoding

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  • jagan_wp
    Jul 30, 2003
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      We are working on posting a XML file to a webservice listener and
      this is for one of the access management products. We came up with a
      servlet aproach with a URLConnection object to post the XML file as a
      string to the url, we got back the response and everything looked
      fine. Now, that webservice listener is going to get protected by the
      access management tool and we need to submit the credentials of te
      system user along with the XML file to the web service. We have been
      advised to use SOAP for this ..
      Did anyone do anything like this before?
      If so, could you please post the example code piece here, please!


      --- In soapbuilders@yahoogroups.com, Rich Salz <r.salz@v...> wrote:
      > Use SSL to connect to your server and send name/password either as
      > a custom SOAP Header, or use the HTTP "basic auth" scheme.
      > More complicated solutions are possible, but this will be the most
      > straightforward.
      > /r$
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