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9145Re: Question regarding Image objects

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  • senzhang
    May 1, 2003
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      another way to send binary data, such as images, is to use SOAP with
      Attachment - that is, compose SOAP message as Multipart/Related MIME
      with binary data as attachments in seperate MIME parts than the SOAP
      Envelope part.

      I found this implementation is quite flexible in that not all servers
      require you to conduct transfer encoding thus save you processing
      overhead and message size.

      I have done interorp test between .NET, Apache Axis(java) and my own
      SOAP implementation (in java), they all work together quite well.


      --- In soapbuilders@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Burinda" <jburinda@w...>
      > Hello All,
      > This is less of a "how do I do this" and more of a "what have you
      found to
      > be better question". I am working on a .NET service that pushes
      images back
      > and forth (either for display or for uploading and saving) and for
      the save
      > process I am just sending the image over as a byte array which is
      > encoded as a "base64Binary" element with no real problems. The
      images are
      > supposed to be in the 100k or less range so we are not talking
      gigabytes per
      > transaction but it could get into the meg range if the servers can
      handle it
      > and if it fits the business model.
      > Now if I extend this into an interop solution with other providers,
      > Java services assimilate this data easily (no flames because I
      already know
      > that Java is good at services) I just want to make sure that my
      > have an easy time of this. Second question, does it make sense to
      move it
      > to a DIME attachment or leave it in the message body as an
      element? What
      > are the advantages of DIME vs the single message? (seeking
      > It seems to be O.K. as is, I just want to see if there is a
      > better-known-practice for this type of solution for either party
      (or the
      > other solutions our partners may bring to the table).
      > Thanks,
      > Jeff Burinda
      > http://www.wandinc.com
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