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8953Help!!! MSerrors with MSSOAP toolkit

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  • pmj00 <pmj00@yahoo.com>
    Dec 31, 2002
      Hi All,
      I am using a VB webservice that runs on IIS 4.0 on NT 4.0 Server with
      MS soap toolkit. My client is a java program created using Apache
      AXIS SOAP toolkit. I send a request using my client and it is well
      received by the VB dll server. My code processes the request
      successfully and has no errors/exceptions but still after my VB code
      returns, the MSSoap toolkit returns an MSError to the client saying
      <mserror:returnCode>-2147467259 : Unspecified
      <mserror:description>Executing method impose_pages
      <mserror:description>An unanticipated error occurred during the
      processing of this request.</mserror:description>

      To be sure it is not my mistake I even reduced my VB method
      implementation to nothing and just return a value 1 without doing
      anything. But, still I have the same response problem.
      Has anybody faced this problem before? What is the solution?

      I will really appreciate your help. I have wasted several days trying
      to figure out this.