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861Re: [soapbuilders] MSTK2 and null

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  • Fredrik Lundh
    Apr 1, 2001
      paul wrote:

      > Actually I read it differently.
      > "A NULL value -OR- a default value MAY be represented by omission of
      > the accessor element."
      > which means for me that if there is no accessor element YOU may
      > handle it as NULL -OR- DEFAULT value.
      > Second part is about NULL values ONLY: "A NULL value MAY -ALSO- be
      > indicated by an accessor element containing the attribute xsi:null
      > with value '1' or possibly other application-dependent attributes and
      > values."
      > Which means, if you want to send NULL value, you may mark them
      > explicitely. And this is ONLY null values, no relations to default
      > values in this aspect and that's perfectly correct in my
      > understanding.

      you're right; I missed that the second part wasn't also about default

      but I still don't see why a SOAP implementation must be prepared to
      store a null value in a homogenous array.

      "Arrays can contain instances of any subtype of the specified
      arrayType. That is, the members may be of any type that is
      substitutable for the type specified in the arrayType attribute,
      according to whatever substitutability rules are expressed in
      the schema"

      is xsi:null really a valid subtype to any possible arrayType?

      Cheers /F
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