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8537Re: [soapbuilders] Round 4 "Fault" test endpoint

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  • Bob Cunnings
    Sep 8, 2002
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      Ok, the WM endpoints and test clients are updated to match the new
      definitions. An endpoint and test clients are available for the "soapfault"
      tests also, linked to from the round 4 page [1].

      Something to bear in mind when looking at wire dumps:
      In "complex-rpc-encoded", operations "echoSOAPStructFault" and
      "echoMultipleFaults1" differ in the way the SOAPStruct value is passed in
      the request message. According to the WSDL, message
      "echoSOAPStructFaultRequest" uses a part (parameter) of type
      "SOAPStructFault" to carry the struct value whereas message
      "echoMultipleFaults1Request" uses a part of type "SOAPStruct" to do the


      [1] http://www.whitemesa.net/r4/interop4.html

      > I've updated the WSDLs and the test specifications at
      > http://soapinterop.java.sun.com/soapbuilders/r4/index.html.
      > I've restructured some of the tests and removed a not-so-realistic use
      > case from complex-rpc-encoded/doc-literal. Let me know if it needs
      > further clarification.
      > Have a nice weekend!
      > -Arun
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