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8509Re: [soapbuilders] Round 4 "Fault" test endpoint

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  • Bob Cunnings
    Sep 5 11:45 AM
      I like your second option, which I understand to mean that out of
      range input values result in an empty fault. Is that correct? If so,
      what fault code shall be used in those cases?


      > I'll update the test specification to mention that env:Server is the
      > expected fault code in all the faults.
      > It's a good idea to define a new fault message. But can we construct
      > this fault such that this also tests another aspect of fault interop.
      > Another option we can change the test spec such that:
      > Throws empty fault when the parameter = 1 or not 2 or not 3.
      > Throws fault with a xsd:string member when the parameter = 2.
      > Throws fault with a xsd:float[] member when the parameter = 3.
      > Thus there is a default behavior for each method and there is out of
      > range input parameter. Let me know which one you prefer ?
      > Regards,
      > -Arun
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