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8505Re: [soapbuilders] Round 4 "Fault" test endpoint

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  • Bob Cunnings
    Sep 5, 2002

      Ok, I see the problem. I naively associated the fault message with an input
      parameter value based on the name of the fault message (e.g. SimpleFault1 to
      "1", but it really maps to "2"), which fails for that operation.

      The same goes for the others. I'll get this fixed later today. Yes, it's
      important to adhere to the spec!


      > Hi Bob,
      > I ran JAX-RPC clients against your "fault" endpoint.
      > In simple-rpc-encoded, if you can change your service implementation to
      > throw faults as per the test specification at
      > http://soapinterop.java.sun.com/soapbuilders/r4/index.html then
      > echoMultipleFaults2 will throw StringFault and FloatFault in the correct
      > order. Other than that all tests pass.
      > Similarly some of the exceptions thrown in complex-rpc-encoded are also
      > not as per the test specification.
      > I know I posted the specification yesterday only, but it's important
      > that we stick to that since that is the basis for us to ensure correct
      > faults are thrown by the server and expected by the client accordingly.
      > Regards,
      > -Arun
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