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8297Re: [soapbuilders] Round IV Action Items

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  • Bob Cunnings
    Aug 2, 2002

      Regarding GET testing...

      I see two options here:

      a) retrofit existing published interop test endpoints with the new
      feature as you suggest, using the same URI for POST and GET,
      perhaps returning endpoint metadata as you suggest.


      b) define a new interop service for the purpose, using new
      endpoints, perhaps something of a "conversational" nature.

      It may be as much a question of convenience as anything, I can
      only say that for myself I have no preference, either option would
      work (I hope to have the existing WM endpoints supporting SOAP
      1.2 LC in a few days).



      > Simon Fell wrote:
      > >
      > > Perhaps we should set a deadline for various test owners to publish
      > > their test documents ?
      > Is there anything I can do to help advance GET testing? For anyone who
      > didn't see it, I made a proposal that I meant to be pretty simple,
      > doable and hopefully uncontroversial:
      > * http://groups.yahoo.com/group/soapbuilders/message/8203
      > I'm not sure what the process is to move forward on it or discard it if
      > it isn't appropriate.
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