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8070Re: SOAP 1.2 GET binding

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  • cdthoughtpost
    Jul 2 10:01 AM
      Where does the WSDL HTTP GET binding come into play here? Should
      that be used as the basis for support of this feature? If so, then
      WSDL seems to assume either a replacement scheme or encoding as the
      query string, defined in the GET binding.

      What's the current state of the union on HTTP GET support? I've
      been away for a while, but some quick searches didn't turn up a
      whole lot, and I'm guessing from this discussion that its not very

      For what its worth, part 2 of the spec (4.1.2 & 6.4.3) reads pretty
      clearly, no headers for GET; if you need headers, (and like Bob
      said, won't most real services someday?) you're doing a POST.

      Chris Dix

      --- In soapbuilders@y..., "Bob Cunnings" <cunnings@l...> wrote:
      > Worse yet, from what I gather the use of SOAP headers is
      > precluded by this scheme. I can scarce imagine a deployed service
      > that wouldn't use header blocks to implement extensions like
      > security.
      > RC
      > > Am I missing something or is the SOAP 1.2 GET binding only
      capable of
      > > primitive types? What does the URI look like for echoStruct?
      > > /r$
      > >
      > >
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