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7931Re: [soapbuilders] ASP.NET hexBinary test now posted on mssoapinterop.org

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  • Simon Fell
    Jun 11, 2002

      I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, certainly for simple
      section 5 messages it'll work, but there's a whole class of valid
      section 5 message which are going to fail.

      Anyway, I tried it, but get an error
      The request element <echoHexBinary xmlns='http://soapinterop.org/'>
      was not recognized.

      Looking at the WSDL, it appears to be looking for the wrong methodname

      Also the ASP.NET endpoint is failing my mustUnderstand headers test
      [i.e. i send an unknown header with mustUnderstand='1', but its
      doesn't fault].


      On Sun, 9 Jun 2002 20:55:06 -0700, in soap you wrote:

      >Hi, Eric!
      >The tests should go just fine using your existing stub - it's
      >document/literal wrapped with form="unqualified" on the inner elements.
      >So the message on the wire will be exactly the same.
      >If you can't parse mixed style wsdls, you can use rpc/encoded wsdl on
      >the client side - it should run ok.
      >The reason I asked John to introduce this method is: there were
      >questions on the f2f "why doesn't .Net support hexBinary". Well, .Net
      >does support it with the document/literal style. So we'd like to test
      >Interop for the .Net hexBinary implementation, since people have the
      >client tests already.
      >If this still causes inconvenience in testing on others side - we could
      >move this method in a separate wsdl. But the intent was to get test
      >coverage without asking you to change your client tests.
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