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7902Re: [soapbuilders] IONA round 2 endpoint

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  • Daniel Kulp
    Jun 6, 2002
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      > Daniel, I'm still seeing this problem, I've attached the following
      > 1) a raw ethereal capture of exchange [iona.libpcap]
      > 2) a copy of the captured complete request [iona_req.txt]
      > 3) a copy of the captured complete response [iona_res.txt]
      > You should be able to load the raw capture into tcpdump or ethereal to
      > look at the exact packet exchanges.

      Well, there are two problems, one on your end and a big one on ours:

      Your end: the Content-Length header is off. I count 244 characters
      (including CR and LF) for the content, not 223. However, that should
      result in a parse exception (not all the XML is there), not the error you
      are seeing. I snagged the bytes out of the libpcap and pretty much

      Our end: there seems to be a bug in our app server that barfs if the
      headers and content are EXACTLY split accross two packets with the
      complete headers in one and the content in the other. In your case, if I
      take your data and do:
      it fails with the same error you see. Any value other than 280 or 281
      seems to work fine. (281 is the cuttoff at the end of the headers)

      Anyway, if you change your client to not flush the stream immediately
      after the headers, you should be all set. However, this is a bug on our
      side so I wouldn't expect a change from you.


      J. Daniel Kulp
      Principal Engineer
      P: 781-902-8727 C: 617-513-4582 F:781-902-8001
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