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7440Report on the Goggle API

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  • Dave Winer
    Apr 13, 2002
      Greetings soapbuilders -- long time no see!

      I'm writing a DaveNet piece summing up what we've learned so far with the
      Google API, and one of the items, I think, belongs on the record of this
      mail list.

      "3. It's compatible. Within hours of its release samples were available for
      AppleScript, C++, Frontier/Radio UserLand, Movable Type, Perl, PHP, Python,
      Ruby, Tcl and Visual Basic. Glue for Java, .Net and Perl were included in
      Google's developer package. No one hit any bumps or dead-ends, as far as I

      We got interop. Perhaps it's not all everyone had hoped for, but that's
      something to relish.

      It worked. ;->

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