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7438.NET client (C++), WebSphere/Apache Server incompatibility

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  • richgorzela
    Apr 12, 2002

      I have a .NET client (C++) that I want to use to call a
      WebSphere4.0/Apache SOAP service.

      I generated the client proxy from Visual Studio .NET. The wsdl file
      was generated in WSAD 4.0.2 (and fixed up by me to work in .NET to
      generate the proxy).

      I added a map to the Apache deployment descriptor to handle the 'what
      is the parameter type?' incompatibility problem.

      But I still get an exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No
      Serializer found to serialize a 'org.apache.soap.rpc.Parameter' using
      encoding style 'null'.

      The problem seems to be that an encodingStyle attribute on the method
      element is expected by Apache, but .NET doesn't generate that
      attribute there (there is one on the soap:Body element though).

      What .NET sends:

      <soap:Body soap:encodingStyle = "url..">
      <snp:someMethod xmlns:snp="url...">
      <someParameter> something </someParameter>

      What apache expects:

      <snp:someMethod xmlns:snp="url..." soap:encodingStyle = "url..">
      <someParameter xsi:type="xsd:string"> something </someParameter>

      Is there a work around to this problem? I haven't seen this particular
      problem posted.

      Thanks for any help,