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74Re: [soapbuilders] Re: .NET interop issues

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  • Simon Fell
    Feb 12, 2001

      Apparently there's two completely separate set of SOAP services in
      .NET, the WebServices / WebMethods support (using attributes of the
      same name), and then there's SOAP support in the .NET Remoting
      infrastructure. I don't know much more than that at this point, Peter
      was driving the .NET end, the remoting based stuff seemed easier to
      tweak, whilst the WebMethods stuff is a bit more fixed in what you
      get. We're going to be putting both ends of the sample up on a website
      somewhere so you can checkout the code.


      On Mon, 12 Feb 2001 14:44:20 -0000, in soap you wrote:

      >Hi Simon ,
      >thanks a lot .....am in the process of reading ur findings
      >regarding .NET.
      >I have a question ... here's an excerpt of ur comments :
      >"Here's a trace of pocketSOAP to the .NET Remoting services (not .NET
      >..... is there a diff b/w how .NET Remoting services and .NET
      >WebMethods work, esp with respect to SOAP ? Could you point me in
      >the right direction to find out more about the differences b/w the
      >two ?
      >Thanks for your time,
      >--- In soapbuilders@y..., Simon Fell <soap@z...> wrote:
      >> We've just been looking at inter-op with .NET, i've written up some
      >> results / issues at
      >> http://simonfell.manilasites.com/
      >> Cheers
      >> Simon
      >> www.pocketsoap.com
      >> On Thu, 08 Feb 2001 05:00:55 -0000, in soap you wrote:
      >> >Hi ,
      >> >I was wondering if anyone has attempted to access .NET services
      >> >an Apache SOAP client...and if so, whether they wud care to share
      >> >their experiences. I've been trying to do the same, and found a
      >> >problems, which I also posted to the soap dev newsgroups..and
      >since I
      >> >see alot of familiar faces here, shall not repeat that mail.
      >> >Noticed another thing today..I have been attempting to pass a
      >> >parameter to a .NET service...but it was consistently receving a
      >> >instead of the actually param value.
      >> >Used the Messaging classes to construct the payload and send it
      >> >across, experimented with it, and found the following:
      >> >
      >> >a) in the original payload, the body entry for the method name was
      >> >similar to : <ns:sendParam xmlns:ns=blah blah> .... </ns>
      >> >..and the parameters inside this were not being read correctly
      >by .NET
      >> >
      >> >b) I modifed the above like so :
      >> ><sendParam .....blah blah>.... </sendParam>..
      >> >and voila !! it works - .NET is now being able to read the correct
      >> >parameters inside this...
      >> >
      >> >what gives ????
      >> >
      >> >regards,
      >> >Priya
      >> >
      >> >
      >> >
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