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7274SOAP bindings with "Asynchronous" protocols

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  • Naresh Agarwal
    Mar 8, 2002

      Today, most of the Soap implementations use HTTP for transport
      protocol..However, in the near future, we expect more support for
      "Asynchronous" transport protocol like SMTP, JMS, BEEP etc.

      I have following concern in this regard:

      1) Does the "Aynchrony" make sense in "RPC" (encoded) style of SOAP or
      it would be only useful for "messaging" (literal) style of SOAP?

      2) Are RPC *synchronous* per se, or does it make sense to have RPC

      3) What exactly do we want to achieve by using SMTP, JMS, BEEP etc., as
      transport mechanism for SOAP?

      I would appreciate any comments on the above.


      Naresh Agarwal