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6869More Round 3 endpoints up

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  • Bob Cunnings
    Feb 4, 2002

      Live Round 3 endpoints are now available for testing at whitemesa.net for services defined in:

      -- compound1.wsdl
      -- compound2.wsdl
      -- interoptestdoclit.wsdl
      -- interoptestdoclitparameters.wsdl

      These are the "Group D" doc/literal services.

      These endpoints currently perform no schema validation of the received message.

      The Round 3 page at http://www.whitemesa.net/r3/interop3.html has been updated with these as well as a listing of the endpoints located at mssoapinterop.org.

      Please let me know of any other Round 3 endpoints available for testing so that they can be listed also.


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