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6706Re: [soapbuilders] toolkits with document / literal support

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  • Daniel Kulp
    Jan 8, 2002
      On Tuesday 08 January 2002 03:35, Simon Fell wrote:
      > I'm in the process of building some document/literal web services, and
      > want to test them with various clients. Who's providing support for
      > document/literal clients ? [particularly out of the Java crowd] ideally
      > driven by the WSDL/XSD for the service. I'm currently testing with
      > PocketSOAP and .NET

      IONA's XMLBus provides some support for doc/literal on both client and
      server side. The client side is better supported at this point so they
      may work for your needs.

      If your doc/literal is using the sequence wrapped form in the WSDL like
      .NET (message has 1 part names "parameters" which points to an element
      with a type which is a sequence of the method paremeters), you can also
      try the web based client we have at


      J. Daniel Kulp
      Principal Engineer
      P: 781-902-8727 C: 617-513-4582 F:781-902-8001
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