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6674ANN: White Mesa SOAP Server v2.6

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  • Bob Cunnings
    Dec 31, 2001
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      An updated version of the White Mesa SOAP service implementation for
      Win2K/WinNT (binaries and source) can be found at:


      Version 2.6 introduces support for "document" style messaging, "literal" header
      entries, and a revised WS-Routing Protocol implementation.

      The package includes a suite of sample web services (including an
      implementation of the "echoXXX" interface defined at the "Round 2" SOAP interop
      site) for testing and demo purposes. A browser based client is supplied
      driving each of the sample services.

      This is a standalone HTTP+SOAP server implemented as an NT
      service. Via SOAP, it exposes web services provided by COM
      components. Runs on NT 4.0 and Win2K. Includes C++ and
      JScript client side proxy code, and MFC based remote control panel app.

      Various v2.6 SOAP service endpoints, online versions of the "interop" service
      test suites and other info, including links to WSDL documents can be found at:


      The test suite client apps can be used to test drive the various "interop"
      services at whitemesa.net.