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6418Re: [soapbuilders] Re: jSOAP and MSSOAP3.0 client test results

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  • Robert van Engelen
    Dec 7 8:35 AM

      Thank you all for your comments. As Matt pointed out, the SOAP encoding rules
      apply to the parameters as well and do not restrict the use of nillable
      elements in any way.

      > I think there is no concensus about nillability of
      > elements. For testing of interoperability point of view,
      > the echo* application should define how to deal with nil
      > even if SOAP does not define it, IMO. Then, I can
      > swith some test from "regular test" to "negative test".

      I changed my endpoint to accept nillable parameters and there is not need
      for your client test to change anything.


      - Robert
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