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6414Re: [soapbuilders] jSOAP and MSSOAP3.0 client test results

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  • Robert van Engelen
    Dec 7, 2001
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      Alan Kent wrote:

      > Do you have wire dumps available? I suspect some of the faults reported
      > with my end point (SIM) *might* be related to p-t-a/sparse etc encoding
      > which I dont think has reached a final conclusion yet. But I cannot
      > be sure without a wire dump.

      Click on the name of the toolkit (SIM) for the wire dumps which is best viewed
      with Netscape because IE thinks that it has to apply cascading style sheets
      for whatever reason, resulting in an error. The first part are the messages
      sent, the second the messages received. I do test pta and sparse: the string
      array is sparse and the struct array is pta.

      - Robert
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