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6393Re: [soapbuilders] Fault SOAP-ENV

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  • Jorgen Thelin
    Dec 3 3:19 PM
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      Hi Marisa,

      The SoapBuilders mailing list is intended for people implementing SOAP
      toolkit products to discuss interoperability problems between their
      different implementations.

      General questions about writing SOAP applications or using particular
      SOAP server products need to be sent to other mailing lists - all
      commercial vendors maintain their own lists and/or support web sites,
      and open source projects like Apache all have their own mailing lists

      When you do find the appropriate list for your query, you will also need
      to provide a lot more details about the error than you have supplied -
      like the text of the SOAP request and fault messages, any stack trace if
      it is a Java-based product, and of course full details of which products
      you are using, including version numbers, and which operating system you
      are running on.
      ** Please do not reply to the SoapBuilders mailing list with these
      details! **


      - Jorgen

      P.S. In general, your problem looks like a configuration error in the
      server you are using, but you will have to consult the appropriate
      mailing list for that product for the specific resolution.

      Marisa Soto <soto-marisa@...> writes:
      >after deply my service I get this error message:
      >Fault SOAP-ENV:Server.BadTargetObjectURI, Unable to resolve target object: name
      >could somebody tell me how can i do to resolve this problem!!!

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