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57Re: Userland SOAP Validator

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  • paulclinger@yahoo.com
    Feb 8, 2001
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      Hi, Simon!

      Wooo Hooo (echo :)). I got SOAP::Lite to pass the validator :).

      Right, interesting exercise, and will work on standard SOAP::Lite,
      though small trick was used on server side. Since SOAP::Lite does
      nothing special with timeInstant I just echoed it back, preservind
      type and name of element. That's it. Also could be interesting to see
      server side code for different implementations. Hopefully will be
      included in next version.

      As I understand next step is stress testing on SOAP servers :))

      Best wishes, Paul.

      --- In soapbuilders@y..., Simon Fell <soap@z...> wrote:
      > [I'm sending this again as PacBell appear to be randomly loosing
      > email]
      > Wooo Hooo, i got 4s4c to pass the validator :)
      > Quite an interesting exercise, it forced me to
      > a) add support for arrays of xsd:ur-type (each item can be a
      > type)
      > b) fix my broken TZ correction code in xsd:timeInstant support (not
      > sure how i didn't spot this before)
      > So, this was a against a private version of 4s4c (1.31), I'll
      > hopefully be releasing it at the end of the week.
      > Dave, i noticed on the timeInstant check (in manyTypesTest), that
      > you return the wrong timeInstant, the value that the error message
      > says it was expecting is wrong.
      > I was surprised by some of the constructs, particular the calendar
      > one, i would of expected this to use arrays, rather than nested
      > structs. There really should be a test for handling arrays of
      > Cheers
      > Simon
      > www.pocketsoap.com
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