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5460Re: [soapbuilders] Multiple xsi:type attributes

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  • Jacek Kopecky
    Oct 2, 2001
      Pete, please see my comments inside. 8-)

      On Tue, 2 Oct 2001, Pete Hendry wrote:

      > I understand what Martin is doing, I just don't see why
      > anyone would want to do it and why it should be supported
      > for interop. Your example above is completely lost on me as
      > to relevance to a SOAP message! Why would someone want to
      > mix schema version in a SOAP message (or for that matter,
      > in a WSDL document describing a service)??

      Pete, there is no conflict in a message that says three times the
      exactly same information. The message is completely valid.

      > I'd rather concentrate on getting useful stuff working
      > rather than degenerate into a 'my toolkit can do this so
      > maybe it should be an interop test'!

      I don't think this is a feature of WASP C++, I think this is a
      bug of the toolkits that get confused by this, and I think fixing
      bugs is useful. I can see, however, how this particular bug can
      be a very low-priority one. 8-)

      Jacek Kopecky
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