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5427Re: [soapbuilders] Sparse Array w/ Duplicates

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  • David Crowley
    Sep 30, 2001
      Andrew Layman discussed the algorithim for decoding offset and position
      attributes in [1]. As for your example:

      "For practical reasons, we should consider it an error if
      the encoded position of an element is the same as or prior
      to the position of the previous element."

      I use the algorithim he discuses in [1] because it is very reasonable
      and clears up the ambiguities.


      [1] http://groups.yahoo.com/group/soapbuilders/message/5126

      > What if a sparse array has duplicates on enc:position
      > <someArray enc:arrayType="xsd:string[4]">
      > <item enc:position="[2]">this</item>
      > <item enc:position="[2]">is</item>
      > <item enc:position="[2]">a</item>
      > <item enc:position="[2]">test</item>
      > </someArray>
      > I would believe either of two would apply
      > 1) a fault
      > 2) the highest ordinal member of the soap array with a matching 'position'
      > value would be the actual value of the member of the array, e.g., ignoring
      > any values of lower ordinal members of the soap array with matching
      > 'position' values.
      > Thoughts, comments, etc.
      > btw, only three toolkits do (2).
      > Thx,
      > -Matt
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