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53HTTP Error codes

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  • Paul Kulchenko
    Feb 8, 2001
      Hi, All!

      I'd like to talk about error codes from HTTP SOAP servers.

      As far as I remember 4 situation is possible. There is no questions
      about first two. There were several long discussions about what
      return with SOAP Fault, 200 or 500 and as I remember consensus was
      for 200OK, but most toolkits return 500 or even 400? from Xmethods
      (Tony, is it ApacheSOAP or XMethod's router?).

      1. 200 OK + SOAP message (normal result)
      2. 500 Server Error + error message (not SOAP)
      3a. 500 Server Error + SOAP message (Fault result)
      3b. 400 Bad Method + SOAP message (Fault result)
      4. 200 OK + SOAP message (Fault result)

      So, what's your take on it and should we stay we 200OK or will return
      500 on SOAP Fault? Do we need to accept 400 or it's something that
      could be changed on server side?

      Best wishes, Paul.

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