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5140Re: [soapbuilders] Re: Sparse array interoperability

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  • Andrew Layman
    Aug 31, 2001
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      Thanks. This thread, with the explicit connection to DCE, adds a lot to the

      Andrew Layman
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      > Let me try to rephrase this. What you are saying is that the sparse
      > array is the result of a "masking" operation of sorts on a source
      > array?.

      Sort of.

      Think of it more like each side allocates the whole array, but only part
      of it is transmitted at any one time.

      Using the "hello world" of web serivces: stock quotes.

      Client connects to server and sends up a list of 200 stocks it's
      interested in. It sends up an array of <ticker,last-known-price>.

      Later on, client sends "gimme the big gainers" request. Server sends
      down a sparse array of <ticker,last-known-price>. The client
      application can just unpack that array directly on top of the client's
      previous copy, updating only the changed values. In this case, sparse
      arrays are used for "transmitting delta's".

      Another application is search a huge crypto keyspace, or SETI@HOME.
      Everyone gets an array with "the big picture," but each worker machine
      gets a sparse array that has the set of data they are working on. This
      used to be real popular in the early days of distributed computing with
      RPC/mandelbrot demos.

      > 5. Echo back as a sparse array.
      > int[1] = 1, int[3] = 2, size = 4
      > => int[1] = 1, int[3] = 2, size = 4

      I believe that yes, this is what you have to do. Unless of course you
      change the WSDL array definition to have a default value.

      Hope this helps.
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