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48Userland SOAP Validator

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  • Simon Fell
    Feb 8, 2001
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      [I'm sending this again as PacBell appear to be randomly loosing

      Wooo Hooo, i got 4s4c to pass the validator :)

      Quite an interesting exercise, it forced me to
      a) add support for arrays of xsd:ur-type (each item can be a different
      b) fix my broken TZ correction code in xsd:timeInstant support (not
      sure how i didn't spot this before)

      So, this was a against a private version of 4s4c (1.31), I'll
      hopefully be releasing it at the end of the week.

      Dave, i noticed on the timeInstant check (in manyTypesTest), that when
      you return the wrong timeInstant, the value that the error message
      says it was expecting is wrong.

      I was surprised by some of the constructs, particular the calendar
      one, i would of expected this to use arrays, rather than nested
      structs. There really should be a test for handling arrays of structs.

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