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4798McAfee Granted Patent on Software as a Service

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  • graham glass
    Aug 6, 2001
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      hi guys,

      check out this link:


      =================== STORY ============================================

      McAfee.com Corp. announced Monday that it has been granted a patent by the
      U.S. Patent Office covering the company's method of delivering software as a
      service through Web browsers.

      The patent covers both the business and technology models currently used by
      McAfee.com to deliver its security, management and optimization services,
      Srivats Sampath, chief executive officer of McAfee.com, said in an interview
      with the IDG News Service. The technology, which McAfee.com has been working
      on since 1998 according to Sampath, integrates a series of scripts, software
      objects and back-end systems, with a mark-up language like HTML (hypertext
      markup language) or XML (extensible markup language) to deliver up-to-date
      applications through a standard Web browser, he said.

      McAfee.com has arranged its business model around software as a service, and
      applied for a patent covering its work in that area, because "we believe
      it's the future of software delivery," Sampath said, pointing to efforts
      underway at Microsoft Corp. and other security firms and ASPs (application
      service providers) to offer similar services.

      Having an important patent in a crucial market will only help the company
      grow, Sampath said. McAfee.com also expects to license the technology to
      other companies hoping to offer similar services.

      "You either work with us or you work around this patent," he said.

      The patenting of business models has drawn a good deal of controversy of the
      past few years. Amazon.com Inc. and Priceline.com Inc. were each granted
      patents for business methods which critics charge should not have been
      patentable. Sampath "totally agrees," but says that McAfee.com's patent is

      "The strengths in this patent are not in the business model; the strengths
      in this patent are in the technology model," he said. "I'm less focused on
      the subscription model ... it's the technology model that really matters."
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