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4689Re: [soapbuilders] Re: kSOAP interop w. WM, Apache, SOAP4R

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  • Stefan Haustein
    Aug 1 4:27 AM
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      Sam Ruby wrote:

      > Apache Axis fails array tests, apparently because Axis is currently
      > configured to use multi-refs. Here's a wire dump of the failure:

      The problem was that kSOAP was trying to extract the
      type from the element name instead of the type attribute
      at the top level. I think I should have read the spec
      more carefully instead of looking at the examples
      too much.... However, it should be fixed now...

      From the kSOAP client perspective, Axis
      works fine now... :-)

      Thanks for the hint....


      Stefan Haustein
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      Baroper Str. 301 fax: +49 231 755 5105
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