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4213Re: [soapbuilders] Re: R1 interop results: SOAPx4 server / SOAP4R client

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  • Simon Fell
    Jul 3 10:30 PM
      On Wed, 4 Jul 2001 14:24:48 +0900, in soap you wrote:

      > <dat xsi:type="xsd:timeInstant">1904-01-01T00:47:35-07:00</dat>
      > <ur-typeAry xsi:type="xsd:timeInstant">1903-12-31T17:47:35Z</ur-typeAry>
      >TZ not supported?

      You applied the offset incorrectly to get to UTC (This has caught a
      lot of people out, including me)

      1904-01-01T00:47:35-07:00 means that it is 7 hours behind UTC, not
      that you need to take 7 hours off to get to UTC.
      the correct UTC version of 1904-01-01T00:47:35-07:00 is

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