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4211Re: R1 interop results: SOAPx4 server / SOAP4R client

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  • NAKAMURA, Hiroshi
    Jul 3, 2001
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      > From: milos@... [mailto:milos@...]
      > Sent: Monday, July 02, 2001 9:25 PM

      > I am getting similar results. The client and server do seem to
      > work, but per the SOAP Validator, there are some missing
      > functions.

      I did not know that there was another interop resource.
      And I tried to pass the test but I got some errors.
      I don't know what was wrong. Can somebody please help me?

      I cannot imagine how other servers pass the test...

      // NaHi

      / / /

      Error message:
      Error: It returned 1/1/1904; 12:47:35 AM, the correct result is 2/5/2040; 5:15:51 PM.

      <dat xsi:type="xsd:timeInstant">1904-01-01T00:47:35-07:00</dat>

      <ur-typeAry xsi:type="xsd:timeInstant">1903-12-31T17:47:35Z</ur-typeAry>

      TZ not supported?

      / / /

      Error message:
      Error: It returned 4276.66666667, the correct result is 4276.666667

      <doub xsi:type="xsd:float">4276.66666667</doub>

      <ur-typeAry xsi:type="xsd:float">4276.666667</ur-typeAry>

      Isn't it regal single-precision 32-bit floating point value?
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