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4177Re: [soapbuilders] Re: Where's decimal?

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  • Pete Hendry
    Jul 3, 2001
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      > For anything in Java that implements List, I think the natural
      > serialization
      > is a SOAP array. Then it's up to the tools on either side to correctly
      > translate between whatever linear-ordinal-collection class you have
      > to/from
      > SOAP arrays.

      This is the approach we take. Any Collection (Set, List, Vector) in java
      is serialized as an array. It is up to the client and server to sort out
      what was required on deserializing. The WSDL reflects that it is an array
      of anyType. This means that any client can talk to us with these datatypes
      without problem as long as it supports arrays (which is a given).

      Equally importantly, it also means that a VB programmer doesn't need to
      worry about Java datatypes. I don't want someone coding to my Web
      Service to worry about language specifics of the implementation. It
      should be exposed as standard types where possible and any required
      mapping to the underlying implementation done on the server.

      I think defining specific SOAP types for these java specific types is a
      mistake as SOAP should not have to worry about these higher level language
      constructs directly.

      > Maps are a bit harder. The Apache team came up with a serialization for
      > Java Hashtables last year which Paul also implements in SOAP::Lite.
      > It's
      > essentially a SOAP compound type which is a list of name->value pairs:

      We use the same encoding for Map as Apache and Paul. Seems pretty sensible!

      Graham raised this a few weeks ago and got pretty much this response I think,
      but appears not to like it so has sneaked it in to another thread ;-)

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