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3549RE: [soapbuilders] Help urgent: .NET Beta 1

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  • Yann Christensen
    May 31, 2001
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      You're right that doesn't look like a SOAP message.

      Did you by chance get that XML message by doing an HTTP GET (say from
      the auto-generated help page from a web browser) to your web service?

      That's what it appears like.

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      Subject: [soapbuilders] Help urgent: .NET Beta 1


      I am having major problems working with .NET Beta 1 and other SOAP
      packages. The response, coming from a .NET beta 1 service, looks

      <?xml version="1.0" ?>
      - <FinancialHighlightsData
      <CompanyName>Adams Express Company</CompanyName>

      which looks nothing like a SOAP response. It trips up Apache SOAP
      and SOAP:LITE.... any idea on how I can get the responses? In Apache
      SOAP, I tried using send instead of call.invoke... but the program
      still throws an exception when I try to receive (since it can't
      convert that into a soap object) I would like to get a string
      version of the above and just manually get the values, if that's
      possible. Thanks!


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